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13 Messages You Can Use To Cheer Up Someone Sad Over Text

Everybody on this planet has to go through a tough time. And it’s hard to see your friends, family, or spouse going through a depressing stage and not knowing how to deal with it. You feel the pain and want to help them in this difficult time of their lives. However, you don’t know how you can step in and make them feel light-hearted with your words & actions. 

Most of the time, when someone is sad, they want to sit alone and not talk to anyone. Deep down, it is high time that they need you to support them emotionally. They might hesitate to ask for help because of their shyness, or they don’t want someone to sympathize with them. To handle such situations, you should know how & what to say to someone when they’re sad and depressed. Indeed, this is a basic life skill to learn.

What To Say To Make Someone Feel Better Over Text?

During a dark period for your loved ones, you want to comfort them and show your support. But the challenge comes when they live away from you. The only option is to make a phone call. If they’re disturbed, they might not pick up your call for some reason. It’s better to text than make a phone call directly.

Here are 13 messages you can send to someone sad over text: 

  1.  Even on the darkest days, there's a glimmer of hope. Hold onto that hope tightly.

It’s a reminder so they don’t lose hope and get more depressed. This message is better to use when they’re open for a discussion with you or already in the middle of the discussion.

  1. Remember this picture? We had so much fun and you were the life of the party that night.

You can use this message to strike up a conversation or make them feel better without discussing anything they’re going through now to protect their self-esteem.

  1. Always know that no matter how much life gets tough, you will see me by your side. 

These few words can’t help someone practically wherever they’re stuck, but they can provide the comfort and warmth they need at that time.

  1. I might not have the answers to your questions but I do have lots of love and support for you.

When you know someone is going through a difficult time or specifically stuck somewhere, you can use these few words that will work like magic and boost their confidence.

  1. I’m proud of you.

For someone who is going through severe depression and self-doubt, these are the magical words you can send to show your continuous support through thick and thin. 

  1. Hey, I’m thankful for everything you did for me till today. I’m truly humbled. If you ever think that I can help you with something, that’d be my honor. 

If you know any of your colleagues or friends who are going through mental disturbance or harsh days, send them this message. Works like a magic wand every freakin’ time!

  1. Hey, how about binge-watching the ‘Friends’ show this weekend?

This is an unusual way to get your loved ones out of the dark zone without making it obvious. 

  1. You’re a fighter, bud! You’ll get out of this yourself. 

These words sound like a motivational boost to someone who’s going through depression or lost a loved one recently. 

  1. I know you can handle your problems and I’m proud of you for that. But if you ever need me, I’m just a text away. 

You should send this text to someone whom you’re sure that they like to keep their stuff super-personal and don’t like to share. But you want them to know that you got their back.

  1. Hey, I ordered a pizza from your favorite hotel <3

When someone’s sad and if you show your care & appreciation for them without even saying a word, this is how it looks like. 

  1. I wish I was there with you!

When your friend lost a close family member, you weren't there with them. You should not hesitate to express that you want to be with them.

  1. One failure can’t define you. You’re the champ and you know that.

This message can be a reminder for someone who lost their job or faced heavy loss in their business.

  1. You surprised me with your strength to face harsh days like this. You’re my Rockstar!

An appreciation message works better than any other. You can show your support and love for someone by gracefully appreciating their patience and strength to face the darkest days. 

As we know, every human on this planet is built differently. They have different emotional intelligence, a sense of humor, and the ability to face difficult days. So, send them a text message to lift their mood. After all, the whole point is to cheer them up through a text.

Avoid These Messages Mistakes When Cheering Someone Up Over Text

When you want to make someone feel good when life isn’t moving smoothly for them, you always have good intentions. But the chances are high that your text messages can hurt them unintentionally. Yes, you read it, right? So, you should know the most common mistakes people make while trying to comfort someone over text. Words hold a vital role in everyone’s life. However, they can backfire, too. See what blunders to avoid when you’re being friendly with someone who’s going through some depression.

  • Giving unsolicited advice: In this internet era, everybody is aware of what will benefit them and what is right for them in such situations. So, they need your support not advice.

  • Assuming they want to talk: When someone’s going through a mental illness or they’re just upset about something either personal or professional, most of the time a person would prefer to sit in quiet and talk to nobody. So, try to understand it from their response time and replies.

  • Talking too much: You have to be careful about the boundaries when you’re comforting someone. Moreover, you have to question them about what’s going on and listen to their story without interrupting.
  • Not keeping it natural: Getting too dramatic is one of the biggest mistakes while texting someone to make them feel better. Just listen to what they have to say, and participate passionately when needed.
  • Disrespecting their feelings: Well, most of you make this mistake unintentionally. Here disrespect means that you don’t consider their emotions valid and keep asking them to get over it. 

Be careful now that you understand what kind of mistakes you can make. It’s sweet that you’re standing by your loved ones during hard times, but you must also respect how much they want to share with you. And if they’re not willing to discuss it, don’t force them. Most importantly, don’t make the conversation about yourself and how bad you feel about them. Keep it sane.

How To Ask For Help When You’re Depressed?

If you have extra-sympathetic elements in your nature and you care about others a lot, it’s great. But sometimes, you need to think about yourself too. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything by yourself and you want someone to help you lift your mood.

Here are 3 ways that can help you get over a bad day or week:

  1. Talk to your best friend or mom

It doesn’t necessarily have to be about the bad day you’re having, or the big project you have to work on that came up out of the blue. But yes, you can talk about anything you want. It’s proven that talking to your favorite people lifts your mood and brings positive energy to the top level.

  1. Talk to a therapist

Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we have anxiety issues, and when you consult a professional, you know how long you have been in this state without even knowing about it. So, when you think it’s the right time to consult a professional therapist, go for it. 

  1. Watch a funny movie

That might sound silly to you, but it works. When you laugh, you release the stress and tension from a bad day. But if you think you have anxiety issues or something you need help with, definitely go for professional help.

5 Tips To Comfort Someone When They Lost a Loved One Over Text

It’s one of the hardest times in anyone’s life when they experience the demise of a close family member or loved one. In these back-breaking times, they need a friend who understands them well, supports them, and appreciates their struggles. And that friend could be you! However, you’re away from them, and you can’t be physically present to help them get over it. 

But here are 5 flawless tips you can implement to express your care about them: 

  • Offer them financial help: If your friend isn’t strong enough financially, it’s a great gesture to help them financially without hurting their self-respect.
  • Encourage self-care: After losing someone close to your heart, it’s not easy to get out of bed and start your day just like before, let alone self-care. So, you can encourage them to take care of themselves and stay strong.
  • Follow-up every day: People underestimate the power of follow-up, even if it’s a professional cold email or helping a friend through the healing process. It shows that you care about them and want them to be happy. But yes, don’t force them on anything at the start.
  • Send reminders of their strength: It’s tough to help a friend heal while you’re not even in the town but sending reminders like these helps a lot. In hard times, people remember who cared for them genuinely. Be one of those good friends.
  • Talking about their loved ones: This is one of the best ways to help your friend because talking about who they lost recently can minimize the burden on their heart. Ask your friends questions about them, if you have a strong relationship with him/her.

Making someone happy when they’re sad is a great life skill you must learn. Because when you stand by your friend or community in grinding times, it deepens & strengthens your relationship. When someone passes away from your family or friends, it can be difficult to manage from a financial planning point of view. IronClad offers you to plan for your family in emergencies to secure their future. 
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