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How to Effectively Plan and Protect Your Assets; Digital and Tangible

How to Effectively Plan and Protect Your Assets; Digital and Tangible

Ensuring the secure future of your assets after your passing is a significant concern for many individuals. While safeguarding tangible assets is a common practice, the protection of digital assets is often overlooked. In this guide, we will explore comprehensive strategies to safeguard all types of assets and secure your family's future.

How to Protect Your Digital And Tangible Assets

  1. Start Early:

    Act proactively in securing your family's future by exploring insurance plans with adequate coverage. Early action is crucial for effective legacy planning.

  2. Utilize IonClad Family (formerly Legacy Armour):

    While insurance provides protection, IonClad Family ensures comprehensive safeguarding. Federal laws offer unlimited asset protection to ERISA-qualified retirement plans, with up to $1 million in asset protection in an IRA during bankruptcy. Check your state laws for additional protection guidelines.

  3. Manage Digital Assets:

    The digital revolution has introduced a new dimension to asset protection. Follow these steps to safeguard your digital assets:

    • Create an Inventory: Compile a list of all digital assets along with usernames and passwords. Password management tools like LastPass can help organize this information.
    • Incorporate Digital Assets into Your Estate Plan: Provide detailed instructions in your estate plan on how to handle each digital asset. Avoid including login credentials directly in estate documents to prevent exposing confidential information.
    • Use Service Providers' Access-Authorization Tools: Many platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram offer tools to designate access to someone else in the event of your passing.

The Final Word

As technology rapidly evolves, estate planning must adapt to include the protection of digital assets. IonClad Family provides a holistic solution to safeguarding both tangible and digital assets. By following these tips, you can initiate a comprehensive plan to protect your assets and ensure a secure future for your family.

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