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Choose Your Safe Deposit Boxes Wisely And Stay Safe

People often confuse between a safe deposit box and a safety deposit box. Interestingly, both the boxes mean the same and used for the common purpose of storing valuables. A safety deposit box is commonly used for the businesses that deal with high-value cash and the valuables every day such as the jewelry shops. However, safe deposit boxes are commonly used by the institutions like banks where the number of transactions and its’ everyday volume in cash and valuables are manifold compared others. But, people often use one in place of the other.

Like the five fingers of your hand, all boxes that you use aren’t exactly same. Having said that, we mean, there are boxes that do not have any physical presence and available online. The best part here is that all these boxes are highly secure and can be accessed by none other than the authorized persons or the legal heirs alone. LegacyArmour safe deposit boxes, for instance, are unique in more than one ways befitting your coveted purposes of life from time to time.

Key areas of safe deposit boxes:

 Highly secure box:  With the increasing threats of security breach both online and offline such as the one published in Daily News, New York, where a bank takes $100,000 without any explanation, a safe deposit box online is highly secure. None other than the legal heirs can access it.

• Encrypted box:  It is the best part of these boxes. These are maintained in the virtual space (cloud) and accessible through a network that is protected by the latest encryption technology such as the block-chain and others. In other words, the security of the safe deposit boxes cannot be compromised in any case.

• Multiple boxes:  Having said that, we mean, you can choose to hire more than one such boxes as per your exact requirement. These virtual boxes thus accord you another unique advantage.

For instance, you have the flexibility of sorting your assets under several heads like financial assets, family photographs, and videos, health directives, property related documents etc. and assign an individual box to each of these assets. This way you will be able to secure your assets further that is not available with the offline boxes.

• Auto-delivery to the designated recipients: Taking a cue from the previous example, you can understand that the loss of $100,000 could have been avoided had the companies like LegacyArmour been in charge of that box online. You can select your recipients along with the delivery date and timing. As such, no third party like the bank manager as in this case could have any access to the legacy of an unknown person.

• Insurance cover: An online safe deposit box is now covered under a group insurance policy. Your box here has become secure further.

Likewise, you can find many reasons to go with safe deposit boxes like those from LegacyArmour bespoke to your need from time to time. You should know that people at LegacyArmour have more than two decades of experience and expertise in developing these deposit boxes.

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