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All About IronClad Family Protection Tips

Musings on Privacy and Protection for Families

The Ultimate RFID Wallet Buyer's Guide

So, you’ve finally decided that you should have a wallet that shields RFID to protect your credit cards. You’ve made a wise choice! But which one? There are literally hundreds of them out there to choose from. I can’t tell you which one is right for you, but I CAN help you decide by listing some of the features that you should look for and some things to look out for!

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Scanning a wallet in a person's back pocket

What is an RFID Shielded Wallet and can you make your own?

RFID technology is becoming increasingly common, especially in retail situations. RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”, and it is used with credit cards, passports, driver's licenses, retail store anti-theft systems, and even on trains and large shipping containers. As with most things, however, the more convenient something is, the higher the risk of misuse. More specifically for most of us, RFID-enabled credit and debit cards can be skimmed by hackers. This is where RFID blocking wallets come in. In this blog, I’ll briefly discuss what RFID blocking wallets are, how you could theoretically make your own, and how to protect your wallet from being scanned by hackers.

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Why Do You Need an RFID Blocking Wallet?

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In today's modern world, technology has made our lives more convenient in many ways. However, it has also made us more vulnerable to attacks from hackers and scammers. One of the ways these criminals can gain access to our personal information is through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This is where RFID-blocking wallets come in. 

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IronClad Family Blog

Family livelihood protection tips for now and in the future.

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